The viDoc® Education Package

Learning today with the technologies of tomorrow.
Our offer to colleges & professional schools.

Back from the future.

Unique multi-measurement tool:
Single point measurement, 3D scanning & image documentation.


RTK accuracy in the smartphone.

I‘ll be back.

Front & ground lasers for flexibility in many applications.

In constant motion
the future is.

Suitable for applications such as construction progress control, line documentation, mass determination, etc.

vigram® develops innovative technologies for the construction industry from practice for practice.

A new generation of civil engineers and surveyors is being trained and prepared for practice.

vigram® comes from the practice and develops innovative technologies for smart documentation, remote supervision and automation of workflows, especially in:
> Structural Engineering
> Road construction
> Line construction and civil engineering
> Gardening and landscaping

With the focus:
to make the model-based digital construction method “BIM” feasible in practice.

We would like to offer faculties and students the opportunity to work with technologies that will play an essential role in practical applications today and in the future already during their education.

The viDoc® is a multi-measurement tool

The smartphone becomes a professional measuring device with RTK accuracy. Easy to use, small, handy, robust, it can always be with you in your jacket pocket.

It combines in one device:
> Single point measurement
> Stake-out functions
> 3D scanning
> Image documentation

With precision up to 1cm + 1ppm.

viDoc® successfully in use

Since 2021, the viDoc® has already been successfully used on various construction sites in Germany and around the world.

Workflows are simplified, just-in-time reconciliation of as-built and as-planned documentation is possible, and overall a significant contribution is made to resource-efficient construction.

As an economical alternative to the classic rovers and laser scanners, we offer you the viDoc® in a special Education Bundle.

Made in Germany

The viDoc® is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards of the automotive industry.

We are also happy to accompany bachelor and master students with experts from our team as second assessors for their final theses.

“I have been professionally involved in surveying for 25 years. There are always new devices and new technologies that take the next step. In all this time, I have not come across a device that simplifies and changes the workflow as much as the viDoc®. From my experience, a “must have” to deal with it now for your future career and gain valuable experience for your practice.”

Andreas Bonau
Teamlead Sales

Share knowledge and inspire from practice.

“It is a matter close to our hearts to bring students today into contact with technologies that will play a central role in digital construction. To inspire, to try new things, to bring in insights from the field, and to help ensure that a highly trained new generation can plan and implement tomorrow’s construction projects in the best possible and most sustainable way.”

Nicolai Nolle
CEO, viscan

The viDoc® will be an important building block for digital building.

Therefore, we offer colleges & students a viDoc® Education Package at attractive conditions.

Because the future of construction starts now.

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