Suitable apps for your use case


GNSS rover with RTK accuracy

The viDoc app becomes in combination with a viDoc or viDoc light a real GNSS surveying device with RTK accuracy. You can position yourself globally or locally on your construction sites in real time and carry out specific surveying work in addition to daily construction site documentation.

Key features:
> Fully-fledged GNSS rover with single point measurement function, stakeout function, distance and area measurement

> Smartphone becomes a GNSS surveying device with RTK accuracy

> Photos with real-time data tracking for precise and verifiable documentation

> Keep construction diaries by exporting data locally

> Use photos for photogrammetric model calculations (3D scanning)

> Communication with any correction data service (e.g. SAPOS)

> Possibility to measure with centimeter accuracy.

> Algorithmic compensation functions improve position accuracy even with difficult satellite constellations.

> Supplementary cloud processing service for generating 3D point cloud models using active target tracking (please refer to the manufacturer's instructions)

> Not all services are able to process this information. In principle, control points, which are signaled as black and white targets, can be automatically recognized with the help of AI and assigned to the measured individual points

> Data manager for importing and exporting data

> The layer structure can be used to sort and visualize data and information in a targeted manner.


Real-time augmented reality

vGIS AR transforms traditional BIM and CAD designs and GIS data into real-time augmented reality displays that are overlaid on your view of a physical job site with centimeter-level accuracy.

The system combines object holograms with object-specific data to provide a hands-free method for field technicians to understand the infrastructure they need to service while on site, quickly and safely.

Key features:

  • Exceptional Accuracy
  • Consistent Visualizations: 3D overlays stay “world-locked” by remaining in sync with the physical world
  • Multi-Device Support
  • No Additional Equipment: vGIS Utilities does not require any additional equipment
  • Workflow Integration: vGIS Utilities integrates with your existing back-office systems
  • Advanced Collaboration: Integrated holograms, video, and audio that connect the office with field teams
  • Format Support: Esri Feature Services, Esri Map Services, Esri Scene Services, Esri Building Services, Bentley iTwin, WFS, WMS, WMTS, GeoJSON, KML
  • GNSS Integration: Leica GG04 plus, EOS Arrow Series, SXBlue, TopCon and Trimble R series/Catalyst
  • Multi-View Support: First-person on-site experience and birds-eye “zoom out” site overviews


AR measurement

Carry out your documentation work directly digitally and without any paperwork. Put paper and pen aside and measure directly with your smartphone via augmented reality - super easy and fast. Sketches and final artwork are no longer required - your digital field book transmits the data records directly to the continuation. Complete the documentation directly on the construction site at the push of a button and no longer waste unnecessary time on transmissions in offices.

Vaira is a platform that consists of a web application (the Vaira Office) and the app offered here (the Vaira app). Together they ensure a comprehensive order creation, processing and continuation. The most important area of ​​application is currently the measurement and documentation of simple house connections, including all documentation requirements for the entire measure.

The app is designed to be intuitive and does not require any prior knowledge of the survey. You don't have to be a smartphone pro to use Vaira. Load the app, log in with your activated account and get started. Simply select an order from a list and process all documentation and surveying tasks just as you have always used your smartphone anyway. Text fields, buttons, camera - done!

The app offers, among other things:

  • A clear listing of all jobs that have yet to be completed
  • An overview of all tasks - including data that has already been filled in for reading
  • Mandatory fields for the most complete possible data entry
  • Form fields for the completely digital collection of all necessary data
  • Measurement using augmented reality
  • Digital sketches without any tape measure, paper or illegible handwriting
  • Vector data for direct transfer via interface in GIS and ERP systems
  • Real-time synchronization between the Vaira Office (web application) and the Vaira app
  • Offline functionality
  • and much more.

Coming soon:

Monitoring construction sites

GAMMA AR is an application for monitoring construction sites. It uses augmented reality technology to overlay 3D Building Information Models (BIM) on construction sites using smartphones or tablets. With GAMMA AR, site managers, facility managers, craftsmen, among other actors involved in the construction process, can walk through the site and compare the reality with the planning information contained in 3D BIM models.

GAMMA AR enables the visualization of 3D BIM models before and during the construction process; thereby, it creates an understanding of the planning avoiding errors and reducing the construction costs. In this way, site managers and planners of various disciplines (HLS, architecture, etc.) can work together on the construction site via the BIM model, prevent kollisions and eliminate ambiguities before any errors are built.

In addition, GAMMA AR allows the detection of errors directly in the BIM model so adjustments can be made in the planning, errors can be avoided and the construction progress can be monitored comprehensively.

GAMMA AR is for those who build and operate buildings.


3D scanner

PIX4Dcatch lets you create 3D models and maps with your mobile device.

Just point and shoot to gather data, ready for accurate 3D model generation. Use it to recreate reality and measure the world around you.

You can pair it with the viDoc RTK rover to achieve centimeter-accuracy and better precision for your project and single-point measurements.

To generate georeferenced 3D models, the collected images can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud or exported to PIX4Dmatic. Both offer a 15-day trial to get started. Projects can also be freely exported, processed, and visualized in third-party photogrammetry software.


1- Scan: walk around your site. The app automatically gathers data and gives you live feedback to make sure you capture every detail.

2- Upload or export: upload your data to PIX4Dcloud, or export to desktop software PIx4Dmatic, and process the data. Get high-quality, accurate 2D and 3D outputs.

3- Analyze and share: share your results, measure the space, and enjoy all the benefits of a detailed 3D model of your surroundings.

This workflow can be used for tracking stockpiles on construction sites, measuring volumes, or keeping permanent records of underground piping or work. Measure single points with confidence and enhance your accuracy with viDoc®. Digitize reality with your mobile device.

Device compatibility:

- All ARCore-enabled devices

- viDoc® RTK rover (hardware case)



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