Precise measurement & documentation with the smartphone.

The viDoc® Model 24
offers the following advantages:

More precision.
Greater reliability.
Better performance.

All in one device:
GNSS rover
3D scanner
GIS dokumentation
BIM construction site

With the viDoc® Model 24, vigram® offers a revised design with proven functions and even better performance.

Optimized for a more stable connector and the matching new viDoc® case.

For even more precise measurement results.

For even more efficient use in practice with the latest electronics and new firmware.

New backplate

Bumper for greater angular accuracy and consistent reliability.

New mounting system: flatter, reduced relative movement between viDoc® and smart device. Suitable for MagSafe.

Certified cases for best performance on mounting viDoc®.

Latest firmware

New quality filter for laser measurements to achieve better performance in challenging environments.

Internal IMU for improved accuracy of laser measurements.

Variable measurement duration due to Laser Start- and Stop-Command.

Broader NTRIP connection compatibility due to new GNSS receiver firmware.


GNSS antenna

With our antenna options, we offer maximum flexibility for simple and highly specialized work with corresponding precision precision requirements. Our standard antennas are ideal for in the open field and in conventional cadastral surveying.

GNSS antenna

In rough terrain or in urban areas as well as in engineering precision and reliability are important in engineering surveying. Our performance antenna with calibration measurement offers this even in the < 1 cm range.

Precise. Easy to handle. Flexible.

Precise measurement and documentation up to 1 cm + 1 ppm.

Fits in your pocket.

at work.

Quick Start Guide
for your viDoc®

How to make your viDoc® ready for use.
Form Faktor

Einfaches verbinden

Form Faktor

Handlich in der Bedienung

Form Faktor

Passt in die Hosentasche

Form Faktor


Form Faktor

Gewinde für Roverstab

Form Faktur

Einfaches Verbinden mit den Antennen

Form Faktor

Integrierter Frontlaser für Fotodokumentation

Form Faktor

Integrierter Bodenlaser für Rover-Funktion

Made in Germany

viDoc® Accessories



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