Vaira is developing a collaboration platform for digital construction files. Construction companies, suppliers and tradespeople benefit from a comprehensive smartphone app for the construction site and an installation-free web application for the office, which enable collaboration without media discontinuity.

Vaira is a company founded in Paderborn in 2019. Managing Director Maximilian Erdmann has been active in the industry since 2016 and, together with his team, has built up a large network and trust among construction companies, suppliers and tradespeople over the years. With a capable team, strong partners and years of experience, they are developing a platform with which they are bringing appreciation, efficiency and the advantages of digitalization back into construction documentation.

Vaira digitizes documentation on the construction site and in offices. Utilities, construction companies and trades rely on the flexible platform to carry out their documentation routines digitally, from order creation to invoicing. With Vaira, construction documentation comes from the construction site ready for invoicing. This increases the quality of the data, avoids queries and saves money, making documentation cost-effective again.

  • Offering in combination with viDoc® / viDoc® light

    Vaira offers augmented reality surveying as standard, with which simple surveying measures can be carried out with centimeter precision. However, the natural hardware limitations of smartphones mean that larger measures require a different solution.

    This is where Vaira relies on the integration of the viDoc® RTK rover. The optional connection of the hardware from the manufacturer vigram enables GNSS surveying with centimeter accuracy, including correction data, over any distance. Extensive routes or the measurement of main lines are thus possible without any problems. Thanks to the integration, the survey data can be seamlessly incorporated into Vaira’s digital construction file. The results are available for further work in real time and can be exported from Vaira both as a data set and as a printable PDF. The viDoc® measurement data can also be seamlessly transferred to other software via an interface.

  • Name of the app / apps

  • What I do with the app

    With the Vaira app, the digital construction file is always to hand in pocket format. All necessary data is synchronized in real time with everyone involved in the process. From simple form data to measurements, photo documentation or welding records, Vaira takes the documentation work off the fitter’s hands on site. Thanks to quality assurance functions, Vaira ensures that no transposed figures or documentation fields are forgotten during the recording process. Surveying via augmented reality or GNSS automatically generates a digital sketch without the need for additional final artwork. The corresponding parts can be assigned to survey points for component documentation and comprehensibly marked with symbols. Photo documentation is exchanged via a secure and traceable channel.

    With the installation-free Vaira Office browser app, Vaira also provides a powerful control center for order preparation, monitoring and continuation. Users can map and automate their own processes in Vaira Office. All processes and their progress are clearly displayed and can also be viewed in detail in detailed, self-configurable dashboards. In addition to comprehensive role and user management, groups can also be created here, audit logs can be viewed and prioritization of construction measures can be managed.

  • News update / release notes

    Vaira is continuously being developed. The most important information on new features is communicated in the respective app stores (iOS/Android) for each update. In the monthly newsletter, Vaira also sends out particularly exciting new features with links to instructions in its own knowledge database.

  • Support information

    Users can find helpful instructions in the Vaira knowledge database. Telephone support and a personal contact in the form of a digital coach are also available to customers. Tickets can also be created via the knowledge database. Further contact details can be found on the Vaira website.

  • Click tutorial of the app (onboarding)

    You can test the full range of Vaira functions free of charge for 14 days. Afterwards, you will automatically switch to the permanently free “Starter” license, which will continue to provide you with a simple measurement and photo documentation workflow.

    You will receive information about onboarding and your first steps together with your access after your access request.



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