G-tec Positioning GmbH

G-tec Positioning GmbH is a company of Schlüter für Baumaschinen GmbH with the fields of activity of digitization, sales and support of surveying systems and construction machine controls as well as drones and analytic tools.

When it comes to the digitalization of the construction industry, we are a competent partner at many locations in Germany and offer our customers first-class service and innovative services.

As a dealer for the brands Topcon, DJI, Propeller, Smart Construction, vigram and FlyNex, we provide advice on machine control and surveying technology, drones and a cloud-based analytics tool.

  • Industry & sectors

    • Construction industry
    • Surveying
    • Inspection
  • Expertise

    • Machine controls
    • Surveying technology
    • Drone dealer
    • Drone flights and sonar experience with evaluation–via the cloud-based portal Propeller
    • Sonar experience
  • Brands

    • The drone manufacturer DJI is the global market leader in the development and production of civilian unmanned drones.
      To continue this successful development, DJI opened a new business unit for industrial applications in 2016. Since summer 2020, we have been a contractual partner for this new business unit called DJI Enterprise.
      We are the right partner for construction site monitoring, industrial surveying, wildlife search, BOS, the energy industry and inspections.

    • Propeller provides a platform with impressive capabilities for processing and analyzing survey data collected during a drone flight.
      The cloud-based Propeller platform makes information available to an unlimited number of users at any time on a wide variety of devices. Business people, lawyers, engineers, clerks, managing directors, division managers, site managers – accurate information is extremely important for all of them to be able to make the right decisions. They all refer to the same information, quickly and efficiently recorded, professionally analyzed.

    • Our long-standing and extremely reliable partner Topcon offers innovative solutions in the field of construction surveying and construction machine control systems.
      Together we have been able to win over many companies for the technologies offered by Topcon. Our portfolio in control and surveying technology includes 2D, 3D, LPS and advanced machine control from Komatsu.

    • vigram is the visionary solution provider for ‟smart documentation” – with a focus on the construction industry. The invention of the viDoc and its launch in 2021 marks the beginning of a digital era on construction sites. The smartphone in your pocket becomes a professional surveying device with maximum precision. The viDoc makes it possible for you to drive digitalization on your construction sites in a simple and economical way. Our hardware can be combined with various apps, making it one of the most flexible measuring instruments on the market. Handling is explained in just a few minutes. Determining quantities for simple cubatures and the resulting documentation only takes seconds to a few minutes. Downtimes and waiting times on construction sites are thus reduced to a minimum. Costs for expensive CAD add-ons can often be saved.

    • With Smart Construction, Komatsu offers a solution package that supports and advances your company. By converting collected data into valuable information, Smart Construction helps to deploy personnel, machines and materials even better and more precisely. This optimizes working conditions and makes your company even more successful.

    • FlyNex offers individual solutions and services in the field of digital data collection, analysis and management. Innovative technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence and powerful software are used for this purpose.
      FlyNex’s all-in-one platform enables efficient, secure and automated data collection with technologies such as drones, offers versatile data analysis options and ensures clear data and asset management – all steps are covered. Scale your processes almost limitlessly for thousands of properties. Thanks to its modular structure, FlyNex software adapts to different needs. Flexible interfaces enable seamless integration into existing system landscapes.

  • Locations

    Gröbers (headquarters)

  • Sales area


  • Contact

    Sebastian Lazic
    Head of Operational Business

    Phone: +49 (0) 34605 – 38550
    Mobile: +49 (0) 151 – 68960989

    e-mail: [email protected]



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